Takayuki Miyamoto

“Kamakura period of 800 years ago is the best technology of the Buddhist image maker, we, anyone could not keep up there.”, the interview has started from his impressive word.  According to his explanation, It’s a common sense or make things just how close to the production of the Kamakura period in the world of Buddhist image maker.   To fit the way of religion that change through the history, common sense Buddhist image also should change it? Interestingly they work toward to a way of reverse civilization and society progress day by day.







His name is Takayuki Miyamoto, making buddhist images at the workshop close to Kiyomizu temple. In Buddhist image maker with a history of different colors, he was aiming a clothing designer once. He studied about fashion for 5 years,first at Kyoto university of art and design,then moved to Vantan Design Institute Tokyo. The adore of the haute couture designer John Galliano at the time, he was good at making clothes by the draping. Those fashion sense are still alive and well in present his works.

Nyorai(如来) , Bosatsu(菩薩) or Myo-oh(明王) some, buddhism has several kinds of symbol shapes of belief ,it’s interesting to note that there are  some basic rules upon realization, but the decoration and clothing is up to them make. He says mesmerizing for some reason, such as antique jewelry of British Royalty or sculpture of Michelangelo, in western beauty.  He has been tried to an infusion of original sense of his beauty into buddhist images.


Miroku Bosatsu of Daigoji-Sanpoin(醍醐寺・弥勒菩薩) works by Kaikei(Living at Kamakura period)



Book of Michelangelo sculpture



works by Takayuki Miyamoto

“It is a feeling like take out statues gently from the tree” he said, furthermore, to say that he know what Buddha statues do exist on the inside just by looking at the raw wood when it comes to his teacher level.  Facing quietly and wood, and imagine the beautiful figure, dig a tree earnestly. Buddhist image maker’s of course traditional work, but I look like that spirit simple as to fit a way of current life.








-Where is the place you get inspiration for your work?

Rokuharamitsuji, they have a lot of masterpieces inside. Its very close to my workspace, usually I walked there to see details of the buddhist statue to get some ideas. Enjyoji ‘s Dainitinyorai is one of my favorite buddhist image, its an temple in Nara. What I most love to… is Mirokubosatsu in Daigoji, there you’ll meet incredible tiny decoration and beautiful exotic appearance.


-Where you guide if you have friend from other place?

I recommend to climb Mt.Daimonji  at night, there you see wonderful night view from top of the mountain.


-Do you have any favorite shop or restaurant?

Sakura bar, its near from my work space,is offering really tasteful Japanese food. And GOSPEL cafe is also nice in relaxed atmosphere. Hishiya is a japanese antique  shop running friend of my teacher, they are stocked very nice things.





-Takayuki Miyamoto

A buddhist image maker. As he make a statue of Buddha, to configure the whole process other, and also responsible for design, sculpture. Worked at Tomita kogei which is a workspace to make a buddhist image or a spirit tablet ordered from temple or individuals. The space is opened for public, you can feel free to just looking their works.

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work space: Tomita kougei











-interview:MIHO yamamoto

-photo:Hanako Kimura



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