let’s feel autumn by a warm dish

Light of lanterns in the storefront, always takes our heart, when the autumn is deepening.  Food menus of each restaurant also changes season progresses, and locals loves to feel autumn from it. When it comes to this time,  it is “Nikomi”dish restaurant’s to flutter hurt of the people especially.

Popularity was higher in older people in that cuisine and classic appearance of store retro restaurant of its kind, however lately their casual style and cheapness of price is also received in young generation.


Store front of Nikomiya rokken


Counter sheet -Nikomiya rokken-



“Nikomi” is a way of cooking to stew food and popular cooking method amang Japanese dish. In this articles I’d like to talk a restaurant of  “Motsu nikomi”;simmered beef giblets, “Oden”;vegetables,tofu,egg,beaf,fish and etc were braised in a large pot of one.  It cuisine of the two is a store that specializes in each of a large loved by people widely.

What those restaurant loved a lot is lighting not too bright, open kitchen style with vibrant atmosphere. The style of open-minded kitchen has other good point that  you could order to pointing to food in counter. There is the familiar interaction between people, you can admire human various patterns also is one of the interesting look.

Do you know “Motsu nikomi” & “Oden” is one of the best Japanese food with warmed Sake?  It is possible to meet the co-star of Japanese food and Sake, and meet locals who become active in the tipsy.  That is the food which warm our stomach and heart gently, it makes best autumn night ever .


Oden menus -Nikomiya rokken-


Charm against evil at the roof -Nikomi rokken-


Open style kitchen and counter -Nikomi suzuya-



There are restaurants that we love to visit, we would like to recommend you to go at the night you feel a bit chilly.


Nikomiya Rokken  <にこみ屋 六軒>

Located past red line district called “Gojyo rakuen”,store building has renovated by using geisha house. “Motsu Nikomi” is one of their main dish,also they have “Oden” and some more japanese small dish menu.










Nikomi Suzuya <にこみ 鈴や>

Large open kitchen and counter is the store impressive, nice groovy atmosphere in the area is floating around the restaurant. Sign menu is “Motsu nikomi”and carry on rice.










-text:MIHO yamamoto

-photo:Hanako Kimura , MIHO yamamoto


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