Nikomiya Rokken



“Motsu nikomi”

Display shelf of sake and counter table

Display shelf of sake and counter table



Tavern that specialize at stew, the sign menu is “Motus nikomi”;simmered beef giblets. Also they have some more Japanese small dish menu.  The store building reused old geisha house,there is floating a ray of beauty into mysterious atmosphere. Reggae music you hear in the smeared sounds pleasant to the ear. Open up from 2pm, it is a nice restaurant to use for loosely drink a glass of alcohol from early afternoon.

Nikomiya Rokken  <にこみ屋 六軒>

164-3 Hayao-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


Closed Wednesdays 2pm-11pm

Free wifi


-text:MIHO yamamoto

-photo:Hanako Kimura


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