senmonten gionhonten

Popular chinese food Dumplings has evolutionarily advanced to japanese style, its a food bite size with original fillings. Senmonten Gionhonten is a restaurant specializes in dumpling, there are no menu of dumplings other than, but feel good grace it in reverse. It has been attract widespread popularity as a casual delivery food  by residents of gion fleshpot.

To make the sophisticated dumpling they stick to purvey all domestic  ingredients such as meat and vegetable. Mixed fresh contents by the preparation of the secret(special mention is “not using egg to join other ingredients!”), then they wrap pot stickers  neatly by a employees of skilled of their hand. There are three kinds of dumpling ,plain-dumpling, tofu-dumpling, cheese-dumpling,  you can order it 10 each.

Lovely dumplings bite to eat in the sense snacks drinking beer. Try it by all means!


Cooking dumplings


Decorated wall by the sign of famous people who visited the restaurant



Our table with dumplings,beer and pickled cucumber 



Senmonten Gionhonten<泉門天 祇園本店>
Shimbashi sagaru Higashi gawa, Hanami-kōji-dōri, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Open 6pm-2am(Mon to Thu),6pm-3am(Fri and Sat)
Closed Sunday
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-text:MIHO yamamoto

-photo:MIHO yamamoto


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